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Lockdown Diary: An English teacher, a website, and a deer!

We've fallen behind on publishing your work, but it really is for the most adorable reason ever!

Meet Deedre.

Deedre is a roe deer. She is just 5 weeks old, and she has been living with us since she was just a few days old.

My son and brother are tree surgeons, and they are temporarily living with me during lockdown. While working in a forest, they found Deedre alone under fallen trees, among the trees they were felling. Initially, they were sad as they believed their work had made the mother run away. If this had been the case, there would have been a high chance she would come back for her kid. But as they had removed so much of the old timber, they were concerned the kid would be vulnerable in the meantime.

But on closer inspection, they realised the tiny baby was covered in ticks and other mites. She was very tiny, around 1kg, and seemed really skinny for her size. This meant she was probably orphaned or abandoned. Knowing this, they brought her back to our house.

In the process of getting advice and looking for somewhere for her to go, we realised we had all the resources we needed to care for her ourselves. We had access to Lamblac, a replacement milk formula for lambs which would be perfect for her. We have a family farm too, and a wealth of knowledge and support.

Over the first 24 hours, she quickly bonded with us too. This meant she had four new mummies - mummy Tom, mummy Nikki, mummy Connor and mummy Sally. We put together a care schedule to cover the day and night feeds and helping her toilet too.

So now we have a deer in the family.

But to complicate matters, just before lockdown happened, my brother bought a puppy too. So now we have Alfie here in my house too!

Plus, we have a corn snake, a cat (who really doesn't like sharing her home with so many other animals) and some chickens on the way too.

This has been a wonderful experience throughout lockdown. But as you can probably imagine, keeping up with night feeds, toilet duty, play times, social management, bottle cleaning, weaning, among the many other duties of managing Sally's Menagerie, has been a distraction away from getting your work published and all the work of Write Now.

We are working on it all though. And we will keep you informed when your work is available.

In the meantime, please do keep sending us your writing. No matter how many pieces we get in, we will treasure your work, and ensure it is published beautifully.

Plus, we hope you have enjoyed meeting our new, extended family.

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