Challenge 2: Time and Space

We invite you to create a story about Time / Space.

You might use time and space to tell a historical story, to convey a myth or a legend, or to take your reader on a journey to meet a distant relative. You might travel through time; you might go to the land of the dinosaurs or venture into the future... 

This time, we also invite your writing to be in different forms. You might write or create:

  • A story

  • A graphic story / comic

  • A poem

You should:


  • Read and look through the stimulus material to help you come up with ideas.

  • Plan your work to help you think through what you want to create.

  • Use a dictionary and a thesaurus to help with vocabulary and spellings.


This challenge's titles (choose one):

  1. First memories

  2. Tick, Tick, Tick

  3. The Time Traveller

  4. Time is like a ... (you can finish this one)

  5. In Another Place, In Another Time

  6. Connections

  7. Hours


This challenge's criteria:


1. Word count


No more than 600 words or two pages if a graphic text


2. To describe time / space in detail


This means to use powerful vocabulary to create vivid descriptions.


You might challenge yourself to:

  • Include similes, metaphors and personification

  • Include alliteration

  • Include rhythm

  • Use pathetic fallacy

  • Use time or space to represent something more - like an emotion or a perspective


3. To express a character's feelings


This means showing the reader how your character feels and how his or her feelings change as your work unfolds.

You could show this by:

  • How they act / what they do

  • What your images focus on

  • How they move

  • What they say


4. Control the accuracy and effect of your writing


This means to use paragraphs, punctuation and vocabulary as accurately as you can.


You might challenge yourself by:

  • Using single word or single sentence paragraphs / stanzas to emphasise something or to create a shock

  • Use a semi-colon to connect ideas together

The stimulus material:

1. Stimulus Images

This file includes key words and images to help inspire ideas.

2. Extracts

This file includes extracts from literature for your pleasure. They each include an element that links to this week's theme. Reading them will provide excellent examples of how to write about the theme as well as give you a chance to enjoy some amazing literary moments.

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