Extension 2: Time and Space

We invite you to retell an important moment or moments from history.

Open the document called Stimulus Material to view this week's challenge.

This week, we are reusing Challenge 2, revisiting the importance of time, and thinking about history as something we can engage with rather than something that is fixed.

We encourage you to look at the English Heritage website, and their Top Ten Moments from history: We ask you, do you agree with their choices? What moments have they missed? Whose voices are missing?  

All of the suggested challenges can be as easy or hard as you make them.

We hope some of you choose to write from the perspective of a horse or another animal that would have been witness to the event. 

We encourage you to use your imagination and think differently about how the event you choose would have felt to different people and things.

You should also always:

  1. Use varied and accurate punctuation for effect.

  2. Use paragraphs for clarity and effect.

  3. Check your spelling as well as you can.

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