About Write Now!

True magic doesn't change lead into gold; it changes the world into words

How do I take part?

To submit, send your writing by email to Write Now Weekly.


Please also include it to your parent, guardian or your teacher so we acknowledge your amazing efforts!

More details can be found on our Submission Guidelines page.

When you email us your work, you should include your name and your age.

You should also state whether you are happy to have your name on your published work online.

How do I submit?

To take part, click on the 'Challenges' tab. Inside, you'll find lots of  challenges and heaps of resources.

Each challenge includes:

  • A description of the challenge

  • Titles to choose from

  • Stimulus material

  • Criteria

  • Examples to read

  • Suggested word counts and formats

You can pick and choose how you take part. You are free to trust your instincts as a writer. How you interpret the stimulus and the titles is up to you. You are allowed to bend or break rules like writing a poem when we asked for a story. 

You MUST, however, write as accurately and ambitiously as you can.

Who are we?

Write Now! is run by experienced English teachers. We aim to help you learn writing skills while also enjoying the process of writing. 

We believe imagination is fundamental to thinking and learning; we also believe imagination is not something that can be defined with a stereotype of being creative. Imaginations come in all shapes and sizes, and we want to give you a chance to exercise yours!

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