Challenge 10: Rites of Passage

We invite you to get creative using a rite of passage. This might be something about growing up, a ceremony, or even being stranded on a distant or magical island...


The stimulus material:

1. Extracts

This file includes extracts from literature for your pleasure. They each include an element that links to this week's theme. Reading them will provide excellent examples of how to write about the theme as well as give you a chance to enjoy some amazing literary moments.

2. Images and Word Clouds

This file includes lots of images to help you get ideas for your writing.

3. Morals and Central Messages

This file includes some planning sheets to help you make some decisions. Use these sheets to help you choose a moral message for your writing.

This challenge requires you to think about how you can use a rite of passage to tell a story or to share a message.

You might choose something real, such as making friends, or the first time you use public transport alone. Or, you might get stranded in a mythical or distant place to share a message about tolerance or the importance of family.

You can draw pictures to accompany your story. Or you might write something non-fiction - an autobiographical account of a first day at school, moving home, or even the first time you baked a cake.

Your writing can be based on something true, partially true, or something completely imagined.

Once again, we invite your writing to be in different forms. You might write or create:

  • A story

  • A biography

  • An article

  • A graphic story / comic

  • A poem

  • A speech / article / argument / diary format

  • A series of letters as if your character is writing to someone from different points in time from across their experience

You should:

  • Read and look through the stimulus material to help you come up with ideas.

  • Plan your work to help you think through what you want to create.

  • Use a dictionary and a thesaurus to help with vocabulary and spellings.

Possible titles might be (you can use your own if you want to):

  • Growing up

  • A Day in The Life of...

  • Kindness

  • The importance of sharing

  • Favourite foods and other events

  • Not the beginning and not the ending

This challenge's criteria:


1. Word count


No more than 600 words or two pages if a graphic text


2. To use detail in your description


This means to use powerful, contrasting vocabulary to create vivid descriptions.


You might challenge yourself to:

  • Include an intrusive narrator who speaks to the reader directly

  • Include lots of objects, details, opinions and facts to create a sense of truth

  • Include pathetic fallacy

  • Include personification

  • Use transport / movement / setting in interesting ways


3. To use a rite of passage or a ceremony as a metaphor to represent a moral message


This might mean using your character's learning or experience to represent something like courage, kindness or determination.


4. Control the accuracy and effect of your writing


This means to use paragraphs, punctuation and vocabulary as accurately as you can.


You might challenge yourself by:

  • Using single word or single sentence paragraphs / stanzas to emphasise something or to create a specific feeling

  • Use a semi-colon to connect ideas together

  • Use a colon to introduce a list

  • Use a fragment sentence to suggest discomfort or confusion

  • Use letter, diary or article formats and layouts accurately

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